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changelog v2.1.1 --> v2.2.0
  • bugfix: fixed a memory leak issue
  • bugfix: fixed an internal NullReferenceException on ToolTipService.OnElementIsEnabledChanged
  • bugfix: fixed an internal KeyNotFoundException on ToolTipService.OnElementIsEnabledChanged
  • bugfix: now properly supports binding with Fallback value when binding directly against Tooltip attached property
  • new: added read-only bindable public property "Owner" which is a reference to the FrameworkElement that owns the ToolTip

changelog v2.1.0 --> v2.1.1 (hotfix release)
  • bugfix: tooltip displaytime did not trigger tooltip closing in some cases

changelog v2.0.2 --> v2.1.0
  • bugfix: when no tooltip content has been set, no tooltip will be shown
  • bugfix: in some cases, datacontext changes caused the tooltip not to close properly
  • upgrade: tooltip timer sensibility increased with factor 2 (from 100ms to 50ms), allowing users to set delay and duration time up to a precision of 50ms

changelog v2.0.1 --> v2.0.2
  • bugfix: fixed defect causing the tooltip not to close in some cases when no close animation was set

changelog v2.0.0 --> v2.0.1
  • bugfix: fixed defect causing the tooltip not to show in some cases when no open animation or initial delay was set

changelog v1.5.0 --> v2.0.0
  • new: support for browser zoomfactor
  • new: support for custom Open and Close animations
  • upgrade: BREAKING ! renamed ShowDuration to DisplayTime
  • upgrade: BREAKING ! removed FadeOutDuration property and hard-coded fade-out animation
  • upgrade: BREAKING ! changed type of DisplayTime from int to Duration
  • upgrade: BREAKING ! changed type of InitialDelay from int to Duration

changelog v1.4.1 --> v1.5.0
  • new: configurable fade-out dependency property on ToolTip and behavior in ToolTipService
  • bugfix: fixes databinding functionality in Silverlight 3
  • upgrade: adds databinding example to red button mouse over in tester application
  • upgrade: organized code a little better and renamed variables for name rules compliance
  • upgrade: various small tweaks to get rid of all but one FXCOP warning (strong signing is the only warning left)

changelog v1.3 --> v1.4.1
  • upgrade: recompiled the library against the Silverlight 3 Core CLR
  • upgrade: reworked the demo application (in preparation of future datacontext demo)

changelog v1.2 --> v1.3
  • bugfix: fixed issue with databinding the ToolTip Text property

changelog v1.1 --> v1.2:
  • bugfix: fixed issue with dependency properties on ToolTip

changelog v1.0 --> v1.1:
  • bugfix: when the InitialDelay property was set, the ToolTipTimer did not respect the timing for the ShowDuration property.
  • bugfix: when the owner control of the ToolTip is disabled while displaying it's ToolTip, the ToolTip now hides immediately
  • bugfix: first time positioning of the ToolTip is now correct
  • new: in the demo application, you can click the button to disable it (an easy way to test if the ToolTip actually disappears when disabling it's owner control)
  • new: in the demo application, there is an example of how to use the ToolTipService from within code (C#)

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